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David William Duchovny (born August 7, 1960, New York City, New York) portrays Hank Moody, and was previously best known to X-Files fans for his portrayal of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder.

He earned an undergraduate degree from Princeton University and a graduate degree in English Literature from Yale University, which is when he began studying acting. He abandoned his doctoral studies to become a full-time actor.

Duchovny is married to actress Tea Leoni and has two children. He previously dated actress Perrey Reeves. He is also the brother of actor Daniel Duchovny.

Notable WorksEdit

  • Working Girl (1988; with Nora Dunn)
  • Twin Peaks 3 episodes (1991; with Don S. Davis)
  • The Rapture (1991; with Mimi Rogers)
  • Red Shoe Diaries (1992; with Claire Stansfield)
  • Saturday Night Live (1995; Host, with Michael McKean)
  • The Larry Sanders Show 3 episodes (1995, 1996, 1998; with Garry Shandling and Charles Nelson Reilly)
  • Space: Above and Beyond episode "R & R" (1996; with Kristen Cloke)
  • Saturday Night Live (1998; Host, with Nicholas Lea)
  • Evolution (2001; with Wayne Duvall)
  • Zoolander (2001; with Garry Shandling)
  • Primetime Glick 2 episodes (2002; with Michael McKean)
  • House of D (2004; with Robin Williams and Tea Leoni)
  • The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (2004; Guest host, with Garry Shandling)
  • Trust The Man - with Julianne Moore
  • Things we Lost in the Fire - with Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro
  • The Tv Set -
  • CALIFORNICATION - 2007- playing Hank Moody
  • Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991)
  • The Joneses (2009)
  • The Secret (2007)

Writing CreditsEdit

Directing CreditsEdit

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